Interior Height of PROLine Trailers

How They're Measured

Maximum Interior Height

We measure all of our interior heights as a Maximum Interior Height meaning if you're buying a 6'6" maximum interior height trailer you'll have 6'6" (78") from the top of the floor to the bottom of the seamless roofing material. You will lose 2" due to the roof cross members and additionally will lose about another inch wherever the interior lights are located (with the standard dome light).

If you choose to add the finished ceiling option you will lose this 2" throughout the trailer plus another 1/4" for the finished ceiling material.

Also note that if you have a 6'6" interior height trailer your ramp door opening will not be 6'6"! All of our ramp doors (and cargo doors) are framed for with an aluminum tube above them as a header. A general rule of thumb for ramp door heights is 6" less than the maximum interior height of the trailer. Note that front ramp doors and cargo doors are different. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Want a bigger ramp door opening without increasing overall height? Check out our beavertail option!

Interior Heights
Max Interior Height 5'6" 6'1" 6'6" 7'0" 7'6"
Net Interior Height* 64" 71" 76" 82" 88"
Rear Ramp Door Opening 60" 67" 72" 78" 84"
Rear Cargo Door Opening 57" 64" 69" 75" 75"
Front Ramp Door Opening 60" 67" 71" 71" 71"
*Does not account for interior lights
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